Jeff Rowland 8Ti still available?

I was told the 8ti/HC has been discontinued and been replaced by the MC6?

Thank you
clinton: who told you this? her name wasn't monica, was it? -cfb
Thank you for your witty response. I have now been told this by two different Rowland dealers. I should have called them before posting this question. I was told that the Mc-6 has a switches between two and six channel outputs.
clinton: it doesn't really surprise me that jeff's gone in this direction. i haven't talked to him lately and skipped this year's ces, so i feel somewhat "out of the loop." i believe the jrdg 8, 9 and 6 share the same box (i have had an 8 since 1992). tho the 6 is obviously a response to ht market demands, it can, in fact, be configured for two channel, making the 8, at least for "marketing" purposes, redundant. if your sources are correct (and i've no reason to doubt them) its another sad day for us old time two-channelers. -cfb
Your source is right. I called Jeff two months ago and been said that they discontinue making 8TiHc.
Guess I will have to look into the Pass labs gear
If you are shopping between a 8TiHc or a Pass X600, then X600 is perhaps a better bet (although the X-series will be discontiued pretty soon as well). X600 has better transient response and a better defined mid to low bass.
What is the X-series Pass going to be replaced with?
Per my conversations with Pass last week, there are no plans to discontinue the X-series. The x-series continue to be a viable amplifier for those who need high current amps with lots of power.

That is my understanding as well. The x600's are thier best selling amps.
At 2002 CES, Pass Labs shows a XA200 which is the pure class-A version of their current A/AB X-series. According to one of the sales person, the current X-series will be discontinued when the XA series is launched.
I have to wonder about that since, as I understand it, the XA amps (at least the first ones) are outrageously expensive.
Rdr4b, your comment confused me. So I called Pass Labs once again to confirm my previous conversation with them. Once again I was told that there are no plans to discontinue the X-series amps. The XA-200 introduced at the show is an esoteric amp that will be offered as a supplement to the line. It is not meant to be a replacement for the company's current offerings.
Okay, guys, that last person who wishes to start any rumors on the Net is me. I got a feeling that the person that I obtained this piece of information may not a Pass guy after all. Nowhere was I able to find any confirmation of the discontinuation of the X-series other than what I heard from this guy. As a proud owner of X600s, it would be sad for me to see my babies get "terminated."