Jeff Rowland 2 or Classe 25 for Avalon Eclipse

Hi all,

Sorry for my bad English, I'm wondering to buy a pow amp for my Avalon Eclipse. Recently I see Jeff Rowland model 2 & Classe 25 in Audiogon,

Could anyone give me the which one is match for my speaker? Or other amps match with? My budget is arrount $2k-$2,5k

Thank you all in advance
I think Ayre sources from Cardas. Then there was that whole Spectral / MIT / Avalon 2/3D period.
Aspac - I had a Classe CA 2200 along with the Classe CA700 driving the Avalon Eclipse's for at least three years....the Classe CA 2200 was a very sweet sounding, but detailed amp and really worked well with the Avalon's. The Classe gear replaced ( all of the different ) Rowland gear I had during that time which included the Rowland Model 5, Model 2, 102 and the 501's.
Garebear, Thanks a lot for your useful experiences, as I understand the Classe gear was better than some JRDG gear in your system, right? Can you let me know some detail comparisons?

Btw, what was your match speaker cables for them?

Thanks again, just came down to, I could not afford the ''newer'' Jeff Rowland equipment. I lost interest after the I bought the 501's when they came out and was not happy at all with them. Classe had come out with some new products that sounded great and were within my budget. I have all Pursit Audio Design 20th Anniversary cables and PAD Limited Edition Power cords.