Jeff Rowland 2 or Classe 25 for Avalon Eclipse

Hi all,

Sorry for my bad English, I'm wondering to buy a pow amp for my Avalon Eclipse. Recently I see Jeff Rowland model 2 & Classe 25 in Audiogon,

Could anyone give me the which one is match for my speaker? Or other amps match with? My budget is arrount $2k-$2,5k

Thank you all in advance
Thank you RROG, I will no longer ask you what you like better about M2 over M5... Can you tell me if you owned either amps, and how long have you used them in your own system?
I owned the Avalon Eclipse in the past and they do have something special about them. Properly set up and with the right equipment and source material, they were truly holographic. I actually sold them to my brother at a deep discount just to keep them in the family.

I cannot comment specifically with regard to the two amps mentioned, though older Rowland amps were always suggested to me by those I trusted as great matches with the Eclipse. The Classe CA-400 amp did an admirable job; the Levinson ML27.5...not so much. My favorite was a Manley NeoClassic 250 and used this amp for most part.

Good luck...the right amp can really make those Eclipses sing!
Any one here help me this question: Does the JRDG model 2 have a switch from stereo mode to mono mode? So it will double the power.

Thanks in advance
Uspac, I checked the Rowland Model 2 manual: there is no indication that the amplifier can be readily bridged to mono.... No, there is no switch.

Instead, the manual of Model 5 explains clearly how to switch the M5 amp to mono, as I have posted in detail a few days ago in this thread.

Guidocorona, I owned the Model 2 and a close friend owned the Model 5. We did extensive comparing between the two amplifiers.