Jeff Rowland 2 or Classe 25 for Avalon Eclipse

Hi all,

Sorry for my bad English, I'm wondering to buy a pow amp for my Avalon Eclipse. Recently I see Jeff Rowland model 2 & Classe 25 in Audiogon,

Could anyone give me the which one is match for my speaker? Or other amps match with? My budget is arrount $2k-$2,5k

Thank you all in advance
The Jeff Rowland Model 2 is an amazing amplifier and I would choose it over the Classe 25.
Jeff Rowland model 2 with 100wpc, I think it has less power enough to drive Avalon Eclipse, right or wrong?
The Model 2 has 2 gain settings and it is quite beefy as long as it doesn't have to drive through a black hole :-) The Avalons aren't so critical. The Model 2 is from sound quality definitely a class of its own.
It also has 2 different input impedances, it can be matched with a lot of preamps. Maybe there is a chance to get in touch with the Manufacturer to get a good information about speaker matching?
Just a reminder that the Classe Twenty Five and the Classe DR-25 are very different sounding amps.