Jeff Rowland 112 Won't Turn On

A buddy of mine has a Jeff Rowland 112 that does nothing when you push the power button. The breakers don't appear to be tripped (if they are, they don't reset or move at all when pushed) and there definitely is power to the unit at the amp end of the power cord. Any ideas as to what the problem may be? Is there an internal fuse or breaker before the ones accessible on the back of the unit? It most likely was a power spike that initiated the problem. He's in Mexico where there are no reliable service centers to take it to hence asking online for help. 
I would suggest a call to the Rowland factory. The factory is very helpful with this kind of issue and can still service the amp.

There’s a Rowland Distributor in Mexico(Core-Audio). I don’t understand why shipping it from Mexico to Rowland isn’t an option?
Sometimes the switch itself is gone in this case you can replace it your self in most cases.Call Rowland asap,good luck!!
The website for Core-Audio isn't active and a Google search for them comes up with nothing. It would appear that the Mexican market wasn't enough to support the distributor and JRDG hasn't updated their website. 
The best option is what I stated..and ricred1 confirmed. Why you think shipping from Mexico to Rowland in Colorado isn't an option is an interesting opinion....and I do not understand it either...just like ricred1!
The owners manual shows two breakers one per channel and says nothing about a fuse, but it sure looks like the type of IEC connector with one of those tiny little fuses built in. Ask your friend to look real close where the power cord plugs in. Look for a little tab or indent to pull out. This one looks to be the bottom half of the receptacle. Usually a little screwdriver will fit in there. Slides straight out.

Pray that's it. Because Rowland is one of these no tamper guys who seals em. 
Had one of my Model 6 monoblocs go into protection and shut down yesterday. I got quite aggressive with the volume knob. 
I unplugged the AC mains and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Reconnected the mains, still no power. I then disconnected the amp from the system entirely and discovered a breaker switch on the back, which I see had been tripped. 
Clicked it back, connected the amp, plugged in the mains, BAMMO. Back in action.