Jeff rowland 112 Clipping problems.


I wanted to known why such a high end power amp
like the Rowland 112 has clipping problems. I have
seen many other previous owners with that same flaw.
Does it have to do with the manufacturing of these
amps at Jeff Rowland Group? Mybe the amp is being
pushed too hard.

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Context please...what system are you talking about?
I had the Model 7's, and they would clip/shut down because they needed more power from the outlet! I had other things plugged into the outlet which was killing the power for the Model 7s.

Try moving it.

I currently own the 112 and I strongly believe that Porschecab has hit the nail right on the head. I had a
similar problem with the amp clipping, but only when pushed REALLY hard. The culprit was insufficient current. Try moving the amp to a dedicated outlet with enough current to keep it from starving and you'll be fine