Jeff Rowland 112

Has anyone experienced the Model 112.
They are wonderful amps. I use them presently with a Audio Research LS15 and Proac Speakers. They take a long time to break in and are sensitive to both cables and cords. I I switched to good MIT wires and got a good holistic sound with a good field and detail. I also use a psaudio power supply for the front end and plan to for the amp when I'm ready to purchase one. The improvement in the front was enough that my wife who notices little difference to comment.
I have heard these amps and I feel there is not a better sounding amp for the price of $5K. What a bargain considering the build quality and sonic's. It does take quite some time to break-in. At least 140 hours of listening on and off. If you want to do continuous break-in by leaving it on all the time, you need at least 200 hours. I suggest just listening as you would and it should fully break in after 3 months. Be sure to leave it on if you are not using as well. Awesome AMP!!!