Jeff Rowland 112

I recently purchased the Jeff Rowland 112 and love the way it sounds but my aging speakers are soon to be replaced. Can anyone recommend or head me in the direction of what speakers may compliment the amp?
From my 15 years of experience with Rowland and Vandersteen products, I can tell you that any Vandersteen speaker would be a great match.
Folks have always had good luck with Rowland and Sound Labs electrostatics.
Thanks for your advice guys, but as you well know the search continues. I have auditioned the B&W Nautilus 803 and I can honestly say I'm not convinced. I'll be looking to sudition the Vandersteen and Sound Labs electrostatics.
Jeff designed the original Model Sevens using SoundLab A-1s. If I didn't use my Vandy Fives with the Model Twelves, the only other speaker I would probably be interested in would be SoundLab speakers.
Just purchased the new Rowland intergrate .Sounds incredable with the new B&W 804 Nautalis and the new Meridian 588 cd player .Transparent you have to hear to believe .GOOD LUCK
Well guys, I've purchased the N802s and it sounds incredible. Thanks for the feedback.