Jeff Rowland 10 vs. Pass Lab x350?

Which one of these Amps will be a better match for the Revel Studios? Since the Pass Lab is rate at 350 watt vs the JR 10 watt, will the Pass Lab be able to handle the Revel Studios better to a higher db?
I have never heard jr 10. But I own a pass labs x-250. The sound is tube like but not overly warm. The 250 goes to 40 watts in class a mode.

You get the best of both worlds, tubelike sound with the power of solidstate.

best of luck
That has to be an error. I am not sure what JR model you are referring to. I can say that the Pass Labs X350 is all the amp you will need. It is also delivers a purer signal than any JR. That's good, unless you like the music colored and/or veiled.
Anyone have any more comment on these two fine amp? Will be driving them with revel studio.
Interesting. Muralman says "I am not sure what JR model you are referring to." And then says the X350 "...delivers a purer signal than any JR. I did a direct comparison of both amps (and many others) in my home on Rockport speakers. The clear winner was the Jeff Rowland Model 10. I won't say whether Aron would have the same preference, although in my case is was an easy decision. Power IS another decision. I can't speak to that, as I have not used the Model 10 on the Studios.
And I know someone who owned both simultaneously. He preferred the Pass hands down. One must listen to them for themselves.
This is a moot point now, cuz Aron just liquidated his entire system. As a side note, he ended up with the pass labs. I have model 10.