Jeff Roland Capri

Has anyone ever had to replace the fuses on this unit? Is it easily done?

thanks in advance.

I just checked the Capri manual. Seems the fuses are internal. I will call the factory on Monday and will find out. Have you blown a fuse on Capri? I have used a Capri for about a year and a half and have never experienced an issue. As Capri has an auto ranging and autosensing power supply that operates between 85V and 260V, and the PS draws only 6W, it should be pretty unlikely that you will blow a fuse, unless you have a major power surge.

it's internal and very simple to replace. They use the traditional "glass tube" fuse. The board is very simple with very few parts, and the fuse just seats by itself. u will not miss it.
No,mine has never been blown... yet.
Just heard from Dan. .. Prob turned out to be caused by imperfectly seated PC. . . I make the same error all the time. . . and invariably panic as well. G.
Yes thanks all. Very helpful and sorry for false alarm. But good to know a fuse change is easy.
All's well that ends well. . . (grins!) . . . but the topic of fuses brings an interesting twist. . . has anyone played with high quality aftermarket fuses on Capri? . . . Care sharing results with us? Thanks, Guido
I believe the fellow I was helping out in this instance is considering doing just that, so hopefully Paul will give us a report back when he tries it.
Fabulous. . . I might end up applying his results to my JRDG Criterion. G.