Jeff Korneff's 45 Amp

Which 6SN7 tubes are you guys using in this amp?
Bump no one here is using this amp???
Sorry Jsman, I just read your thread. Hope it's not too late to respond.

I have a Korneff 45 SEi integrated w/ Sylvania 6SN7s, National Union 45s and a TUNG SOL rectifier tube.
I play mostly classical and jazz, through BLH's built by John Kalinowsky (I believe is name in this forum is Johnk), and replaced the original single drivers w/Audio Nirvana's Super 8 Cast Frames. I play mostly Vynil on a Rega P5 w/a Benz Micro low output Glider cart that has just been retipped by the Sound-Smith w/their level 3 cantilever/optimized contour diamond, using an EAR 834P phono stage.

I bought my Korneff almost 2 years ago here on the 'Gon and I'm the 2nd owner. I have not played with the tubes yet, although I anticipate doing so in the future. If you or anyone else have any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.