Jeff Beck's Bass Player on Crossroads??

First time I watched this disc was with company, didn't really pay attention. I popped it in last night and was blown away by this young woman playing bass with Beck.. My wife said she looked 15 but whatever the case she "made" his appearance complete. The back and forth between the two of them was so smooth. Anybody have any info on her?
Tal Wilkenfeld. She was like 21 when they played Crossroads.
Her name is Tal Wilkenfeld and she has a web page using her name.
I was also amazed, and immediately jumped on google. She started playing guitar at 14, switched to bass at 17 so she's obviously gifted. The Jeff Beck performance is great, especially because of her interplay with Jeff, and that performance alone is worth the cost of the video.
I saw the video documentary for the new Herbie Hancock album, "The River" and could've sworn that Tal was in one of the sequences. Anyone else catch this fleeting glimse?
and smokin' hot. Probably no one will believe me but the dvd seems to have been digitally "de-enhanced". As anyone who was there will know it apparently was very cold on stage : ) and the effects are not to be seen on the dvd. Even my female cousin commented on this. That show however and performance in particular were amazing!
Whew,,,21, ok I feel better. She can definately play...


I would agree just that performance was worth the purchase..

There is a video of "The River" on Tal's MySpace page. BTW, I like Tal, but I did not care for that arrangement of "The River".

here's the performance we're referring to for those who haven't seen it:
Isn't that the chick on the cover of the Blind Faith Album?
Isn't that the chick on the cover of the Blind Faith Album?
if you look carefully at the 2 pics there's one obvious distinguishing feature that sets her apart from the blind faith girl ;-)
Actually there's 2 distinguishing features.
I stand corrected!