Jeff Beck - Emotion & Commotion?

I was wondering if anyone has heard this cd yet and could comment on the sound quality. I had read that an orchestra had been used on some tracks. Thanks in advance.
It's excellent! For sound quality and material. Some of Jeff's best work in years. I'm a big J.B. fan. He's one of the most underrated guitarist I know of.
I like it a lot,but I like all of his recordings so I may be a bit biased!!
.....underrated ??? Really...always considerded one of the best in what I read, hear and see...
I think it's his most lyrical so far. Outstanding.
I have only listened once so far, and am a bit underwhelmed. Lots of covers sounding a bit like elevator music to me.
Picked up the LP cheap on Record Store Day. Not impressed at all. Does a cover of "Over The Rainbow" I'm still scratching my head over why? Coupla gals sings a few songs... *burp*
Picked up the CD the other day.Played it once-that was enough.After watching/listening to LIVE AT RONNIE SCOTTS'
is this the best J.B.could come up with? Was at the
Beck/Clapton show at MSG,he had the orchestra and it was boring.Played with Eric and was rockin' Covered "Moon River"-GET SERIOUS!
This is a very bad release.

The proper sports analogy is "running for the bus".

Maybe he owed his label one more album on the contract.
"Maybe he owed his label one more album on the contract."
Mabe two. The "Jeff" release had some of the worst crap I've ever heard. I think some of it would have been perfect pinball machine music. Grease Monkey was the title I think. There were a couple good tracks, but otherwise it was ear-bleed. Or maybe it was "limp-ear". Hmmm.

I figured it out- mainly ear-bleed, with some limp-ear tossed in for good measure! ;-)
Well I liked it first play, but had to go through 3 boxes at Best Buy to get one that didn't have a broken hinge. Cheap box, Good Recording, Good performance 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
I still haven't bought it yet due to the roughly 50% -50% split on opinions on this disc, some say great, some say it's not so great.

Would you say it is comparable to Peter Gabriel's - Scratch My Back which also has an orchestra? I really like that cd.And specifically , is the sound quality of the Jeff Beck cd good?You guy's have thrown me off here with your varied opinions.
If you like Jeff Beck, it may be worth a shot. The opinions you're reading here are just that, opinions.

I happen to think Jeff Beck is one of rock's true legends. I have all of his collaborative and solo albums from "Having a Rave Up" forward.

But this album is not my cup of tea.
I liked it ! However I did find it somewhat loud and bass heavy. Of course this was CD listened. !
Boring Boring and more Boring. Not a thing that is original or even pretends to be original. Commercial dreck at its worst. Panders to the commonest of guitar drivel. Waste of a person's money and time. I thought maybe something that was not classical music like Beck would spark my interest in Rock music. Nope. Laughed at it and went back to something more listenable like plainchant. And of course I am serious.
well, i really like jeff beck, wired and blow by blow are great. a lot of his stuff is a bit disjointed, although he is a brilliant guitar player. that being said, 'bout a month ago, i was warming up the big rig for a listening session, and grabbed his "jeff" album, which came out just a few years back. let me tell you, what a fucking monster of a guitar album. kinda backs up everything people say about him. a "MUST" listen.
Gotta agree with Schubertmaniac. The release was lauded in one of the recent audiophile publications (5 stars no less). To tell you the truth, the release was so disappointing I can't even remember if the recording or sound quality were any better than the musical content.