Jeff Beck Blow by Blow

Which verson of this great album should I get?


The SACD is a better version than the Sony Super Bit Mapped version. It has much more depth and Soundstage. I was hoping that it would be 5.1 because Epic released it on vinyl in SQ Surround Sound during the quad craze. I still enjoy the LP the best though.
I would recommend getting a Japanese import pressing of the original album. I have done extended listening tests to various types of "audiophile" pressings, and in all cases, I preferred the "regular speed" over the "half speed". The only "audiophile" records I like better than the standard issue on virgin vinyl, are the "direct disc" recordings And some of them are not even that good. With the Japanese imports, you get the original mastering, combined with virgin vinyl, which IMO, gives the best sound with the least record noise.
In total agreement with Twl with respect to the Japanese LP of "Blow By Blow". I have heard the SACD and regular CD version, which suck in comparison to even the original, standard LP. I, too, have the SQ Quad LP, among many others from my Quad adventures many years ago.
I've got the MoFi Ultradisc and the standard CD and the MoFi is vastly superior.Epic recently released some remasters I got Truth which sounds quite good I think Blow By Blow and Wired may also be included.