Jean-Marie Reynaud

Has anyone heard these speakers? They are called the "Reference". They were suppose to be only about 50 of them made. I was told that these retailed for over $15,000 in the mid 90's. Let me know if you have ever heard or seen these speakers. thank you
I forgot to mention that there are two towers per side. One is made of metal with a cylindrical form while the other is a regular box type. The cylinder is where the tweeter and midrange is and the box tower is where the two woofers are. Again they are called the "Reference", and there was only 50 pairs made around the mid 90's. I appreciate any info about them.
I've traded emails with Jean Marie Reynaud himself more than a few times. And the surprisin thing is that I just sent a generic email from the Reynaud website and he responded personally.

Considering they are one of the largest speaker manufacturers(3rd?) in France, it blew my mind. The time stamp on his email indicated that it was 1:30 am France time when he responded. Anyway, we traded quite a few emails regarding Reynaud's own speaker cables and proper crossover frequencies for properly mating a subwoofer with my JMR Twins mkII.

Jean Marie was patient, personable, and incredibly helpful. He came across as a man who is deeply involved in every aspect of his business. Obviously, if he took time out to trade emails with someone a continent away who bought their lowest priced speaker.

Go to their site and send an email, he just might respond in person.