JD Souther

A few things; JD is playing near me next Saturday, I have a ticket, got it a few months back, mostly out of curiosity and a desire to see/hear as many artists live while I and they still can.  Second, I recently watched the DVD The Sound Of My Voice (Linda Ronstadt), and he was interviewed there.  Third, I dug out my two (more on the way) JD discs, and discovered how fantastic his 2011 recording, Natural History, is.  Sound is wonderful (he thanks Kyle Lehning for mixing the record he wanted to hear), songs are great, its so fantastic.  If you like that style of "southern california singer/songwriter" music.  I do.  

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I am a big fan also, the writing, songwriting, lyrics and singing
black rose is a favorite, silver blue is a master work

enjoy the concert!!!!!!!