JD Souther

A few things; JD is playing near me next Saturday, I have a ticket, got it a few months back, mostly out of curiosity and a desire to see/hear as many artists live while I and they still can.  Second, I recently watched the DVD The Sound Of My Voice (Linda Ronstadt), and he was interviewed there.  Third, I dug out my two (more on the way) JD discs, and discovered how fantastic his 2011 recording, Natural History, is.  Sound is wonderful (he thanks Kyle Lehning for mixing the record he wanted to hear), songs are great, its so fantastic.  If you like that style of "southern california singer/songwriter" music.  I do.  
I am a big fan also, the writing, songwriting, lyrics and singing
black rose is a favorite, silver blue is a master work

enjoy the concert!!!!!!!
Black Rose is my second JD disc, have three more on the way.  Agree, too, about silver blue.  I recall when I bought Black Rose the man who owns the shop was shocked, and told me then that it was his favorite disc of all time.  So there are those who appreciate the man and the music.  
A good bassist I've been gigging with recently played me some JDS. I didn't get into him back in the day, caring for The Eagles not at all, Ronstadt a little, though Jackson Browne a lot. I was somewhat underwhelmed, but perhaps JD takes a few plays to reveal himself. His LP's are available used for real cheap,
bdp, I think we have some overlapping tastes; I too  dislike Eagles, adore Linda, and think JB is wonderful.  I think JD is worth the time/effort it takes to acclimate.  

@rpeluso, have you seen the Ronstadt documentary? Fanf*ckingtastic! I have a newfound appreciation for her. I don’t care what Costello thinks, she may be the "best" female singer of her generation.

Souther had a role in the Nashville TV series, and did a good acting job. Seen in various episodes were Buddy Miller, Vince Gill, and a few other faves of mine. T Bone Burnett was the show's musical director.

I have seen it, I purchased the DVD, first time watching I choked up/sobbed multiple times.  So many great artists in it, like Emmylou, the McGarrigles.  I saw the sisters once, long ago, in NYC, at the now gone Bottom Line, was enamored and in love after the show.  A few years back went to DC for a tribute concert for Emmy, its on DVD, was magical.  Music is, well, you know.  Buddy and Julie are at the top, as is Vince, many many others, for me.