JD 801A

Category: Amplifiers

I bought this Jolida 801 A used, over the summer.
The transformer in the front (right side) is not warm to the touch, as are the others. What does this mean? Can I do any tests at home? What is affect on performance? Expected cost of repair?
Other questions I haven't asked?
I bought the JD 801A new 15 months ago, it's a nice integrated
amp. The transformer you are refering to on the right is
the right output xformer, the one on the left is the left
output xformer, the big xformer is the power xformer.
I believe the one on the left is getting warm do to its
location, close to the power tubes.
I wouldn't worry too much about it, how does it sound?
How do you like it?

I've had a 801A for about 2 years. This is a great Integrated amp! I've just purchased a Jadis Defy 7. Yes, it sounds great but the 801A is very close. There is a point of diminishing return here. I'd say the stock 801A is 90% of the Jadis.
I owned this model Jolida for about 8 months and found it to be a wonderful sounding and even better looking integrated (mine was gold/black). I am not, however, a fan of the "turn the screw till the light comes on" bias setting. Use a meter. Great amp for the $.
I am thinking of picking up this amp but had a few questions. Are the transformers noisy? Some tube amp trannies can have residual noise. 2nd, can the amp be fitted with a tube cage? finally, Has anyone modified this amp. I hear its easy to do.