JCAT's Signature Gold LAN cable

I have been listening to JCAT's new Signature LAN Gold Cable for a few weeks and am pleased to report that it is simply fantastic. The music is much more lifelike, dimensional and grain free. It's amazing how much low-level passages are enhanced with more "feeling" or "energy," for want of better descriptors. The whole soundstage seems more organically knit together.

My front end comprises the Antipodes CX server and Antipodes EX renderer -- by design they are connected with a LAN cable. The stock cable, made by Antipodes, is quite good, but the JCAT is much better. At some point, I will do a reality check and put the stock cable back in, but I am enjoying the JCAT too much to be bothered (a luxury of not being a professional reviewer ;<] By the same token, I haven't tried other pricey LAN cables (and the JCAT is in that category), so take my opinion FWIW. 

Having said that, the JCAT is well worth an audition in any high-end network-based system . -- David