Jcat netcard XE and USB PINK FAUN on which PCIE ports?


I would like to know what would be the best implementation of 2 PCIE cards, on an Audio server
The MSI Mortar B550 motherboard is based on AMD architecture
there is a shielded PCIE port which is directly linked to the CPU
And the other one goes through the chipset

Which cards should I favor in their implementation directly on the PCIE port linked to the CPU

JCAT XE network card or PINK FAUN USB card

Thank you for your answer

Save your money and get a decent DAC with a good USB interface.
@yage - the OP is not wasting his money because the USB transport plays a significant role in the sound quality.

@cpasmoi - I don't know that there is a specific recommendation here.  You really don't need CPU direct interface speeds because the card re-clocks all data going out on the USB connection anyways.  I have read that Pink Faun recommends the first slot (the slot farthest away from the CPU).  That's where I have my Pink Faun card.  Do you have a OCXO clock on the Pink Faun card?  You might be space limited here, especially if you have a video card.  Otherwise, you can use the HDMI output on the motherboard, but only if you have a embedded integrated graphics AMD processor (the model names end with a "G", such as 3600G).

Be aware that there is a special condition on the non-shielded PCI slot:  PCI_E4 will be unavailable when an M.2 SSD is installed in the M2_2 slot.
We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that. If there was a real problem with the USB interface, you’d notice it for sure (e.g. dropouts, glitches in playback). Otherwise the data is getting from A to B just fine.

Think about it - if the USB ports on a motherboard were changing the bits, then your mouse and keyboard wouldn’t be working too well. You’d have inadvertent typos and jumping mouse cursors all the time. The PC would probably be unusable.

Money is better spent on improving the rest of the setup, whether it’s speakers, amp, or DAC (probably in that order). You simply don’t need special USB ports for audio.

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where did you read that the Pink faun card should not be directly linked to the CPU, I would be curious to find the article

 @marcin_gps told me the opposite in relation to the layout of the USB card that it is to privilege on a PCIE in line with the CPU

thank you for your feedback


Sorry, I can't remember.  It might have been in some forum thread (maybe in the audiophilestyle.com forum).  Take it with a grain of salt.  It might be best just to try on your own.  That being said, the most important part of implementing these cards is the power supply line.  I would recommend Farad Super3 as power supply, but there are others which are great as well.