JC Verdier VS Micro Seiki

Has anyone ever compared the JC Verdier La Platine to the Micro Seiki RX5000? I am trying to decide between the two. Although the Verdier simulates an air bearing with magnets I don't believe it would be on par with the Micro Seiki SX8000 (Air Bearing). I will be using a SME 3012 tonearm.
Any input would be great!
Dear Rachmaninov0: I never compared in my system both units but Iown the RX5000 and heard twice the Verdier in other system, IMHO both TTs are really good/first rate and you can't go wrong with either, maybe you have to consider some other things but the TT performance: the MS can handle up to four tonearms against the two on Verdier, maybe is more easy to fix a Verdier than MS that it is an old design where it is not easy to find repair parts and of course which one is more " beautiful " ( looking ) for you.

What could make a big difference on the quality performance on your future anolog rig is the tonearm and the Phonolinepreamp, where the tonearm has to match the cartridge(s) you own to show its best performance and through the Phonolinepreamp where happen a very hard process where the quality cartridge signal can loose its integrity either way: because adding distortions/noises/colorations or because lost of tinny parts of the cartridge signal.

Regards adn enjoy the music.
Raul wrote it, you won't go wrong with either. There are some differences among the Verdiers (Magnets, Base etc.), I would say, the older, the better.
The 5000 Seiki is a very reliable unit, better than most of todays units when using a good platform, a turntable mat or something like that. The motor unit is adjustable in 33 and 45 rpm for your needs.
The 8000 is a much more complicated unit, when you will find one in excellent shape, go for it.
All things being equal (which they never are), I'd opt for the Micro.

Now, keep in mind that this is one turntable manufacturer's bias and take my preferences in this light.

The down side of the Micro involves keeping it running, getting armboards etc.

There's a Yahoo Group dedicated to Micro Seiki turntables, and one fellow on this group has taken on the task of machining armboards for various 'tables.

They form a closely knit support network.

Thom @ Galibier