JC-1 - is there a stereo version?

I keep reading the reviews of the JC-1 monoblocks, but is there a stereo version of this amp?

Stopped by Avantgarde in NYC and he had a stereo amp there that he said was a stereo version of the JC-1. Perhaps it was a different model number (like an A21 or A51)?

All the Parasound amps are pretty much the same electrically with the differences being bigger supplies and more output devices. Closest thing to the JC-1 is the rebuild of the HCA3500 we did as CTC Builders a few years ago. It had all the fancy parts and acted as the prototype of the JC-1, but had twice the power supply, 40% more heatsink and a couple more output devices in the JC-1 along with Carl Thompson's fabulous board layout. Just five of these prototypes were built and were known as the CTC BBQ......
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