JBL ti-250 which version was the best one ?

JBL ti-250 which version was the best one ? is that the limited edition, or the jublilee version or classic version ?

what are the differences in sound between them ?
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I understand the original,which I have, were the best as they had the best crossover. I've never heard any newer models so can't make personal comment. In my opinion these speakers are very dynamic and capable of a far more refined sound than that most people expect from JBL (rock speakers). The cabinet design is excellent but its implementation was inadaquate for 1. its size and 2. the power of the 14 inch woofer with "4" inch voice coil and 20 lb magnet. By reinforcing, mass loading and bracing I transformed the cabinet to the desirable (virtually) "inert mass" of about 500 lbs. I also moved/isolated the crossover outside the box and rewired all drivers with MIT wire and did a recommended small value cap bypass.What an amazing transformation. Most listeners comment are "they are so clear" or "you can hear so much detail" etc. The main thing is I am still enjoying everything from the most delicate, low volume guitar,harp,flute & chamber music to grand, rousing Mahler & Beethoven. I believe these loudspeakers on the used market are an exceptional buy for someone willing to do upgrade work as I have.
thank you