JBL systhesis

I need some opinions on some ten year old jbl audio products that I believe are sold by custom install only. models are s7150,s800 ,sdp 5, and sdec 2500. I think I got this right,I feel into what looks like a great deal but I have never seen one in a home and would like some input about the hardware .there are no speakers that come with this ,it looked like MAP pricing was about 25000 for the 4 units and what prices I have seen for used units are all over the board .just trying to get some feed back on how this stuff holds up ,do you think a high resale value is warranted or to stay away .I have never seen this stuff in the twin cities before .but jbl has made this stuff for ten years .a few opinions would be very nice. thanks
JBL synthesis is an AMAZING system to put it mildly. They are one of three manufacturer's world wide that have successully made a system that can put to shame any commercial theater, or any other for that matter.. easily¬Ö Steinway, and Phase Technology's dArts are the two others. I have personally demo'd all three systems and spent considerable time with them & their engineers. Breaking these systems apart in pieces seems a bit odd. In theory "especially with the dArts system", the entire package is designed to work within the parameters of the "system". The pre-amp is made to work with the amp, and the amp is made for the speakers. The speakers are sonically balanced with the amp & pre amp. We are not speaking in generalities here. When you buy one of these systems, the manufacturer literally builds the system all at once and makes each piece to compliment each other. Serial # to serial #, not model to model. This is a whole different ball game. You are looking at great components, which should give many years of reliable service. Though two things. Do not buy this system if you care about re-sale $$$. Being an ex-dealer I can tell you first hand.. very few people, know about, can appreciate, and or are willing to shell out the cash for these systems. & 2, you are looking at buying a Lamborghini engine and drivetrain without the rest of the car.. Great parts, but without the rest you will never utilize the system for what it was designed for. Very few of these systems are ever sold, and when they are, their owners are not flaunting their $110,000 speakers in their $.5 million home theater. Heck, they probably don't even allow their neighbors in for a peek! Bottom line, AMazing equip, but unless you are going all the way, you may get more bang for your $$,$$$ elsewhere. If you want to go all the way, what a great place to start!