JBL systhesis

hi,newbie here .I have considerable audio experience but mostly mid-end,Marantz,yamaha ,Onkyo to name a few.do some repair out of my home as I can no longer work (bad back) I just fell into a deal or not depending on what a few people say about this equipment.no speakers involved .just four components.I know that this is hi-end custom install sold. I have been looking for about a week on my own a pricing ,how good the product holds up, is there a decent resale market. I do not want to rip anyone off but get a fair price also .I will have it in my basement/shop Tuesday to make sure everything is in working condition/same with the body's of the product .models are s7150/s800 both amps,SDP5 controller ,SDEC 2500 EQ. guys and gals I am not trying to by-pass the pricing payments .I am looking for people that have owned this system or one of the newer ones as this is ten years old and MAP PRICING was about 25,000 for all four units .a twenty two year old kid was given this and does not want it (I keep on saying to myself,WTF...) but he asked for my help and I am trying to get previous owners or sellers that know the product and can give me some idea of what this stands up against and was it worth the original price ten years ago .I have already seen several used units but the used pricing is all over the place ,I have the manuals that I am reading this weekend .so if some of you audiophiles would give me an opinion I would think that would be very nice. thanks you