JBL synthesis s650 vs outlaw

I'm looking for a 5 channel (or more) amp that will work well for 5-channel stereo music listening. I have five mb quart vera (their short-lived $14K MSRP line) 6ohm speakers that want between 70-150w.

Cash is an issue.

I can get a jbl synthesis s650 5x130w for about $550 used.

Or an outlaw 7125 b-stock 5x125w from outlaw for $849 + shipping.

I have an outlaw 990 as a pre, which somewhat argues for the 7125, but I've run a 2 channel jbl 400 in my system and really liked the sound, which argues somewhat for the s650.

Any opinions or alternate suggestions?

hi, i cant speak for the outlaw amp. i do however, own the jbl s650 and the s400.

the s400 was designed for subwoofers. yes it can be uses for front channel speakers but i have found it lacks sound quality. i find the s650 is far better than the s400. if your happy with the s400 you'll love the s650.

hope this helps
Thanks! I was worried the s650 was too weak after liking the s400. Good to know quality is better.

One complication is that I started looking through the audiogon classifieds --- there's a few nice ~$1000 amps up now that are pretty tempting...