JBL Sovereign 1 question

Hello, I'm totally new to the site...
I have a couple questions please.
I acquired a pretty cool system a few years ago and included were a pair of JBL Sovereign 1 Type C60P speakers each equipped w/LE15A, 375, PR15, LX5 & N7000.
My question(s):
How would I know they need re-coned?
Are these big boys worth the expense of re-coning should they need the service?
I have only used the speakers a couple times as I my ex was not "OK" with them in the house. The entire system was purchased new in 1971 or 1972, I have the original paperwork and recently got the tuner, amp and pre-amp cleaned, up and going…I am the second owner...the system was used for classical and jazz, and to my knowledge was never really was "worked" or "wrung out".
Oh, I’m not selling anything…I love the system, I just need some advise as to what to do with these huge speakers.
Thank you.
If they work and the surrounds (the soft edge around the cone) are not hard, cracked or falling apart (rotting), they should be fine. If the surrounds need to be replaced, you can pick up a pair of surrounds on eBay for the LE15's for around $25. I just replaced a pair myself. They walk you through the process of replacing them. Some say it should only be done by a professinal but I have seen some professional work that wouldn't hold a candle to what a patient rookie can do. Don't be afraid. If the other drivers work, then there is nothing more you need to do than to enjoy the sound they provide.
I just had the foam surrounds replaced on three JBL LE15A drivers. Shipping cost more than the job itself which was done by an authorized JBL repair shop. Certainly worth the cost. I thought that the foam was OK on my units (which had been stored unused for about 20 years) until I started to install them and found that the slightest touch on the foam caused cracks. I think you ought to refoam them just on be basis of their age. Like chicken soup...can't hurt. The passive radiators do not have foam surrounds, just treated corrugated edges, so they are probably OK.
I can't suggest any way to overcome the huge size except to get a bigger house, or a new... well never mind.
Yes,they are very good speakers. Refoaming should help the
bass, but make sure they used genuine JBL materials. A
friend of mine had his JBL's reconed by a neighborhood
electronics repair shop which did not use JBL materials
and did a poor job as well. The speakers did not sound
good after that repair job.
Bigness is a part of their sound. If you were to squeeze
these components into a smaller package, it just would
not sound right. Also, a tip. It may be heresy to suggest,
but many JBL systems sound better with some equalization
Use a good equalizer and you will be amazed, I think.