JBL S412 speakers: Opinions Needed

I have a chance to buy a pair of these for very little money, but it is from an estate sale, so an audition is going to be difficult!
I know Absolute Sounds Secrets of Home Theatre loved them, and they have real high marks at audioreview.com, but what DOESNT there!
Has anyone spent any time with them, etc?
Do they image, are they warm, bright, etc?
Any and all help will be appreciated
I would try to pick these up if you can get them at a reasonable price. They go very well with low wattage tube gear. Absolute Sound is right; you will love them.
Speakers are the heart of a system. Select speakers that you like, and that are approriate for your room, and budget. Then accomodate them with the gear they need.

Speaker placement, whatever room treatment is needed, and credible source material, should follow in priority before the gear. Cables, and tweaks after that.

It takes years to learn what the magazines should tell you. But then they are selling gear, tweaks, and speakers aren't they.