JBL S3900 and S4700....possibly audiophile or not?

Hello everybody, I have a system so composed:

TT Rega RP8/RB800/Apheta VDH recabled (arm)
pre-phono Heed Quasar
CD Rega Jupiter+Dac Io modified
Pre Pass Labs X1
Amp Nakamichi PA 7E VDH recabled
Speakers Epos ES 14 VDH recabled/WBT conn
cables Nordost, Linn, Klimo Reference, VDH,
power conditioner self built, 1KW
granite everywhere

I 'd like to change speakers, and I'm trying to understand if the two JBL could be "boomy" and "treble aggressive" or...what? Obviously the listening room is crucial, but another point is the speaker "tone balance".
They are not easy to listen to here in Italy.... 
A japanese dealer which I was in touch said: instead buying these two you should listen to Wilson Watt Puppy/6...better coherence all over the audio spectrum....
Anyway JBL is for me an old dream.
Does someone own/listened to the two JBL? 
Sorry for my english, hope is clear enough... Now waiting for your experience.
Thank you in advance and best regards!
Alessandro Vigna

I owned the 3900's.  JBL's horns are not aggressive IMO.  They were a good speaker, punchy but did not dive particularly deep.  I did feel they sounded better when turned up past 80db's than at lower volumes.  

Got it. So when you play them at lower volume they don't sound "complete"? I thought it was possible because of their efficiency play full sound at low volume.
How come you changed them?
Does anybody matched the Wilson vs. JBL?
Go for the 3900 - and save lots of moola compared to the Wilson's! 
They are not as efficient as you might think in a horn.  Say, like a lot of Klipsch.  

A lot of the JBL's seem to dig a good current speaker.  In fact, I tried a McIntosh amp with them, and preferred an older Harman Kardon that delivered a crap ton of current to them.

They do a lot right, excellent snare and kick drum sound (the 3900's that I owned).  But, I felt they didn't move as much air down low as I like.  I like bass, and prefer to not have to use my subwoofer for 2 channel listening. 

Good speaker.  I think at retail it's overpriced for the quality of the cabinet and finish, but used or on a good discount it's a fun speaker.
ignore what anyone says here and go and hear them for yourself before deciding anything. only your ears can be the judge.