JBL Reissue or Anniversary Speakers??

I remember looking through one of the audio mags 4-5 years ago and seeing a remake of one of JBLs older models. Seems if memory serves me correct it was a 25 year anniversary reissue of a floor standing model. I can't remember if it was a 3 way or a 4 way with gold binding posts and a liitle bit more costly wiring. Does anyone remember the model? They were listing for about $5K. Thanks!

sounds like the centruy gold to me. but i am not sure.
I think the only JBL reissue was the gold L-100 century.. it cost $5000 I think.. you could do a lot better buying a L65 Jubal or L166 on e-bay and re-coning, rebuilding crossover, cabnets, jacks, etc.
Thanks for all the help guys! Looks like they were a bit costly at about 5K list!