JBL Project Everest DD66000 Reference Speakers

JBL has earned the prestigious CES Innovations 2007 Award for the company's Project Everest DD66000 (€40,000) loudspeaker that will also appear at the CES show. i have posted a photo plus more details about these incredible speakers... and many others that will be seen during the CES at http://www.EnjoyTheMusic.com/ces2007/

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Steven R. Rochlin
Interesting that the woofers are run side by side. I'd expect the lateral interference effects to be audible unless the woofers are crossed over well below 200 Hz (unlikely, as most big JBL woofers in 3-way systems are crossed over above 500 Hz).

OTOH, if the second "woofer" is a passive radiator, then the bass might be more like the JBL S8R Sovereign.
The two woofers are not operating over the same range, eliminating my interference concerns. One operates from 700 Hz to 100 Hz, while the second operates from 100 Hz to 30 Hz. Both have 25 mm linear peak to peak excursion max, so there is going to be pretty good dynamic range.

The "midrange" horn and 476Be compression driver actually cover an extreme range of 700 Hz to 20 kHz, above which they cross over to a horn-loaded Be supertweeter.

This is actually a more compact and much more visually appealing speaker than the DD55000. The Danish cabinetry looks superb and the veneer is grain-matched front-to-side-to-top. Congrats to JBL on their new flagship.
The bass units actually do work in tandem (wired in paralell) below 150hz, the second unit rolling off at 6db per octave above this point.

I heard this in Tokyo in October and it is a quite extraordinary loudspeaker that makes much of the opposition from fashionable boutique brands sound like toys.
Thanks for bringing these to light. I always loved JBL's especially those big old horns

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ps steve haw about a less photo dependent version of enjoy the music for us that can't get high speed ?
It's a very nice pair of speakers DD66000 which took me some time to get hold of it. And finaly sits in my room with the JBL DD44000(Paragon) and my Klipschorn.It cost me a bomb with an arm and legs to crave about. But to my disappointment the money factor could have spent on some thing more worth in the bank. Which so high reviews in Jap and else where I have been taken for a ride. Hate to say it but hands down with performance dynamics and air. Value for money in the music the mighty Klipschorn is still the best value for money period.Than any other speakers in the world.

I just got my Everest recently ,, about 2 weeks ago , still trying to break them in ,, how long did it too you to break in your ???