Jbl Project Array 1400 vs dynaudio c1 speakers

i have a dynaudio C1 confidence speakears, ayon cd5-S cdplayer and mcintosh mc-601 monofonic amplifiers.
i want a new and better speakers, my room have 3,50mts x 3,50mts, the jbl project array 1400 is a good option? is better than dynaudio c1 confidence?, your apreciation please.
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I used to own the Dynaudio C1, wonderful speaker. I also heard the 1400, I think you would be moving a step down. I did not care for the 1400 and the dealer who had it sent them back. Now, in the right room and with the right taste they may be very nice, the horn was very colored and seemed to come out and slap you in the face. You have a really nice system. If you are looking to "upgrade" maybe the new signature C1, I am also wondering what a pair of YG Carmel's would sound like in your room. Your room might be a little small for the C2. I love my verity parsifal's but would worry about being a big boomy in your room. A trial of the new Magico Q1 would also be very interesting. In order to really upgrade I think these are some realistic directions. but that's my ears opinion based on my days with the C1.
IMO..as stated above..the new signature C1..
I wouldn't consider the jbl array an upgrade in the midrange and highs department, I think a better option would be to keep the c1 and add a pair of subs for more attack and scale.
Draw your own conclusions from some reasonably objective measurements?