JBL Performance Series AV1 and AVA7

Hello Sound Enthusiasts!
I have a JBL Performance Series AV1 Processor and AVA7 Amp that I am considering selling. Main reason is, I picked up a pair of Polk Audio LSi7 speakers, and they are 4ohm. The AVA7 isn't specifically for 4ohm speakers. I considered adding a 4ohm capable amp to the mix, but then thought that I don't have room for another huge piece of eqiuipment. I really LOVE my setup, but am wondering if it is time to part with it. I have the original remote and the actual user manual for the AV1, but unfortunately no boxes.

Am I crazy?! 
You shouldn't have any problems. Just try it at low volumes first. If your amp begins to strain, its very easy to here, You'll know if there's something wrong. You can also do what's called a vertical biamp. You remove the jumpers on the back of your speakers and use 2 channels for each speaker.