JBL Paragon Speakers

Does anybody know anything about these speakers? I have them in my basement and don't really know much about them.They are in a single cabinet that can be split apart that is 8'8" across by 35" tall by 2' deep.They have two horns at the front of the cabinet with two large woofers in horn loaded enclosures.The model number is C44 and serial number 41656.The horn model is 075 and has a serial number of 84724.I beleive they are from the early to mid sixties.Any help or insight would be much appreciated.
They are a true legend. Worth a FORTUNE. Be careful about lowball offers that may appear. I am NOT an owner of these but was shopping around when they were new... I can say if clean and working, a wild guess at $10,000.00 could be less (like $3,000) or more ($20,000) You really need to do some searching to find an exact answer. (this wild pricing is just to give you an idea of what I can remember and have heard about these speakers...There are JBL affectionados who may give you a better understanding of what you've got I just didn't want you to sell em and strangle yourself 'cuz you got screwed)
Did a little search... The Paragon is mentioned in passing in an ad for another Lansing speaker in the 1959 Audio mag.
The Orion Blue book for 1981 has two listings for the "1964" version the original list price was $2,250.00 and a "1978" version was list price at $5,800.00 !!!!!!!! today that would be a $50,000 list easy! Good luck on your GREAT find.
What's your address and when will you be at work.
now in japon paragon s price is around 15000,for good one
A Paragon recently sold on E-bay for $43,000.
That speaker is hot, hot, hot, man. I heard them many moons ago with McIntosh 4 chassis MI- 200 Industrial amps. Why can't any of this new zillion dollar gear have a personality like that stuff? Legendary!!!
A legend still alive and kicking. I have heard them recently with a good SET setup. Extremely musical. I liked them better than the Altec's they were being compared with, unfortunately not my own.
This speaker lived up to the meaning of its name. It won a major industrial design award when introduced. They were custom made one at a time with the standard finish being walnut. They used JBL's best drivers and a special designed horn for the midrange (to 7000 HZ). The original base driver was LE15-A, 375 compression driver for midrange and 075 (I think) ring radiator for the high frequencies. Some of the later models may have changed drivers but I am not sure of this. At the time, I was told that JBL would make them with exotic wood veneers for about 20% more on a special order basis. They used the best drivers available at the time and had sonic imaging that was second to none. There only real deficiency was that the short horn loading of the base driver that caused rapid roll off to begin about 35 Hz (as I remember). They are an extremely efficient design and were not particularly critical of room placement provided one had the 9 feet or so to put one in and one did not sit to close to the curved panel in front. I think with today's better amplification they should sound great. If they don't fit with your listening area or tastes someone should want them and I suspect that the price should be $20,000 or more depending on the condition.