JBL Olympus C50 speakers

I just purchased a pair of JBL C50 speakers....consisting of 1 passive woofer....1 regular woofer ...an o75 tweeter and a mid range driver. Each speaker has 2 crossovers.
My question is :
Is this an SR SYSTEM ???...
What model # is mid range ??
I am going to run these speakers with EAR 869 integrated 15 watt amp....what do you guys think of this match as to sound quality??
This is my first time with vintage speakers.
Appreciate any input from you all.
Thanks, Rocky
SR8 = Le15a, 075, 375 MID COMPRESSION DRIVER, LX5 and N7000 crossovers, and the passive woofer. If the mid compression driver is a LE175, I believe, with the one inch throat, then it's not a full SR8 and has probably been cobbled together. SR7 used the LE175. You can take out the passive woofer easily, then get a flashlite and a mirror and look up at the mid drivers lable. Once you've seen the 2" 375 you won't need to see the label again, its a monster. Fun speakers all.
Ive had the C50s as well as well as vintage C37s/Altec valencias and several vintage Tannoys..All IMO cant even come close to the newer lines in all areas,again only my opinion..Listen and then move on