JBL Olympus C-50 loudspeakers

How do I hook up these to a receiver or receiver and amplifier? Thanks in advance
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Those are a real gems, they had some different configurations.  They either have 1 or 2 of the 15", 1 active and 1 passive or just 1 active.  I ran across a pair years ago and they guy wouldn't part with them.  An easy $5k-$8k speaker in today's world, if everything is in good shape.  Your options are limitless.  I love how JBL did these great speakers and the connects in the back are generally crap.  I have a friend with a pair of the L-150's that he has hooked up to 55 watts/channel Audio Research tube amp, with a McIntosh pre.  This is absolutely a real wonderful combination.  What it can do for jazz music is unbelievable.  I used to have a pair of JBL 4312's that I loved.  I ran with solid state and tube.  Both unique and wonderful.  I preferred with the tube amp, my sons preferred with solid state. 

First, JBL's have that classic unique to them California sound.  You can really contour the sound of these based on what your preference is.  McIntosh would be a great match for these or just about anything quality.

Speakers though, go plus to plus connection and negative to negative.    
One of the best older JBL’s, love them and they will hold there own even today. Here’s a link to the back, back of jbl c50 - Google Search. Use good quality speaker wire, you will benefit. Use the lower connectors in the back, connect to your amplifier outputs as mentioned above, use the one labeled "input" connectors. The upper ones are used for bi-amping only. Enjoy!
My Dad got these while on Wake Island in 1961 or 62. He has a Marantz Model 7 amplifier and a letter from Marantz dated April 26 1962 that told him he was too isolated from the rest of the world and they would send complete details as well as the materials necessary for conversion to Model 9. The C-50 has one woofer. I don't know how to hook up the Marantz either. I have them playing through a receiver right now set to radio. I have an extra turntable I can hook up to see how well they sound.
You apparently have a Marantz 8B tube amp. You will need a preamp to connect from your music source to the Marantz. The Marantz 7 was a preamp - not capable of driving a pair of speakers!
There were two versions of the JBL C-50 Olympus a powered version, and a non powered  version, the powered version, had a built in amp, called the energizer.

That was an early 60's transistor amp built into the back of the speaker!
You can use "tape out" on the receiver through an rca stereo cable into the main/aux input of a preamp. Use the receiver's selector switch to choose between "AM or FM" and "phono".
Your receiver has to have a "main in/out" set of rca jacks to connect to a power amp. Most don't.
A Marantz 8B tube amp with its 35wpc will drive those JBL's moderately well!
The Marantz is a Model 7 and I don't know if my Dad did the conversion to model 9 or not. The speakers are playing radio with a old Pioneer SX 450
So the speakers are hooked up to a receiver and are playing music I'm not sure I understand your question? If you want to use the Model 7, which as stated above is a preamp, you will need an amplifier to pair with it.
Do the speakers have a wire coming out of them to plug into the wall ac outlet? If so, then the speakers have an amplifier built in (very rare). If not, then you will need an amp to use the model 7 preamp. The Pioneer SX450 does not have a separable preamp/power amp, so you can't use it with the Marantz 7 preamp. I'm a bit confused, do you have a Marantz model 8? Very nice system.
The Marantz Model 7, is a preamp, the Marantz Model 9, is and amp.
What conversion are you thinking he did? As jond has said, you are playing music with the Pioneer SX 450 receiver hooked up to the speakers so what is the problem you're experiencing?

There is a plug built in to the Solid State Energy Transducer. Dad wanted to exchange the marantz model 7 for the model 9. Being on Wake Island made that cost prohibitive for Marantz. They supplied every thing needed for the conversion, but I don't know if he did. I'm trying to find out if everything is functioning properly so I can try to sell all of this. I don't have room for them and I don't want to put them in storage.
that photo is the solid state transducer. I have all the manuals and catalogs from the time period. It's the S8 speaker configuration.
Thank you all. I am confused is why I am confusing you all. The transducer hook up needs clarification and since there is only one component I assume he did the model 9 conversion, but how do I know? I would like to add photos but don't know how.
This came from imhifiman;  Go to Virtual Systems page, use the "Create System" to upload photos.

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