JBL Monitors?

I received a post back on a rec.audio question I had recommending JBL 4408's or 4410's as a less expensive alternative to B&W CDM 1NT's. As it turns out, this guy has TONS of posts out their with the same guidance every time - JBL, Tannoy, Ascend Acoustics... Since nobody else seems to be saying the same thing (and I've never listened to these), I'm quite dubious. It warrants a more critical look, though, so, has anyone heard these JBL Studio Monitors. If so, what are your thoughts?

While JBL still offers the 4400 series of studios monitor, the LSR series is a more modern and accurate design. I used the self powered LSR28P model in a secondary system with excellent results. It's smooth, detailed, dynamic, images well and his non-fatiguing.

This is the link to their website with descriptions:

Although professional monitors have their strong points....imaging,transparency,detail,etc...they tend to sound very forward in comparison to hi-end consumer monitors...and typically dont offer much bass....