JBL model L150 woofer cone color question

I am thinking about buying a pair of JBL  L150's.

My question is:

The main woofers ( Model 128 H )  cones are black in color instead of white.

I am suspicious that this indicates woofers are not correct and original.....maybe it has been re-coned ?

My concern ...will this affect the sound and resale value of speakers

if I am right ?

The model # 128 H is on the magnet of woofer, which is the correct #.

Asking Price is $ 1300.

Opinions please.

Thank you


The black and white cone versions should be the same sonically if they have OEM cones, have been re-foamed properly and if everything else is in order.

I don't know how this would affect resale value.

I moved to the Los Angeles area in late 1977 and saw many of both floating around for many years, along with tons of D130's.

The L110 and L150 were the first JBL's that I liked the sound of (aside from a Paragon that I heard years before).



Just cruised Youtube to see if any L150's had black woofers (didn't see any) and come up with this (custom cabinets).



I sold these JBL’s a long while back and never saw JBL black woofers. We also saw a lot of blown JBL speakers, usually someone who had a lower powered amp they turned up to high. I would say they were replaced. If they are JBL replacements, no real problem. Another brand replacement and they will not sound the same. That could be good or bad, no way of really knowing. 

If they are JBL replacements, no real problem. Another brand replacement and they will not sound the same. 

Most large JBL woofers are paper fiber cones that are easily replaced although you always want to do both sides, so they are matched, even if you are replacing with factory repair kits. 

@rocky1313 the black128-H-1 woofers are JBLs official replacement for the aquaplaz-coated 128H, which are white. its likely a current recone kit was used. so, the cones could be legit, even if theyre black. JBL stopped makin the aquzplaz recone kits a few years ago. there are some boguz guys, and there are a coupla people in the US who can properly do the aquaplaz. cant remember who he is.  i see quite a few L112 with the current recone. 

BTW, asking price is too high w/0 128H aquaplz coated woofers. 

i have a pair of L150s, and man! they are fantasic. 

  Check with “ Speaker Pros “ in Garden Grove , Ca. For years Orange Co speakers was the place we went for all our JBL rebuild needs. Unfortunately they’re gone and “ Speaker Pros “ claims to be the remnants. So maybe contact them and see for yourself. Regards , Mike B. 

What does the seller say? Maybe he or someone before him got a rattle can and made them black.

Here's an odd bird I found on a closed auction listed @ Hifishark.