JBL M2 speaker system ....

Any thoughts on using the JBL M2 speaker system for home audio? Can anyone who has heard them post their opinions? Thanks!


You are right, they need a DSP based crossover and a stereo amp per speaker. Alternatively they could be powered by one of the Digmoda Amps which features ICE power modules and a Motorola DSP, that could be done for about
$1500 per speaker.

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No, you need the active crossover. There's no crossovers inside the M2. It is a superb speaker to say the least from what I hear. I hope they have them on active display (with the Levinson stuff) @ CES! :D

The $46,000 consumer package was shown at the CEDIA Expo combines a pair of M2s with four Mark Levinson No 531H 300-watt monoblock amps and an SDEC 3000 digital EQ/crossover. The SDEC 3000 also allows an installer to do room correction on the speakers.

SDEC software in the SDEC 3000 is in the Crown amps.

Take a look at the connectors on the SDEC 3000, looks like you'll need some break-out cables to connect it to your system. All the A/D/ & D/A digital processing is at 96khz.

The Digmoda amps are fully adjustable to what ever the M2 might need as far a crossover, parametric EQ, Phase adjustment, limiting etc, there is nothing the the active crossover supplied with the M2 that the Digmoda Amplifiers cannot do, and they would supply amplification as well.

It will of course require that you know the specific parameters that the M2 requires for operation.

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Thanks Kana,

I'm still trying to find a dealer to work with on the system and hear both versions.