JBL LX speakers

There seems to be quite a few JBL LX speakers for sale. I suppose that the LX series was quite popular.

What are the differences within this series.

For example: What is the difference between the LX500 and the LX600.

Also: What is the difference between the LX55 and the LX 600?

I am considering buying one of these speaker types to use with a Marantz 2245.



Are you sure? If you want good sound you could do a lot better. If you want period sound you could still probably do a lot better. I am very familiar with the JBL sound of the 70's having owned and been around a lot of them back then. If you want the classic look then great, get the ones that look classic to you. Cosmetics do matter. Especially with that beautiful Marantz. If you want to rock out loud JBL were made for that. If you want period quality however you might be better off searching around for Advents or something else. It all depends on what you want.