JBL LSR6312SP Help

Need some help. I have a pair of these JBL speakers that a freind gave me a few years back. They have never been out of the boxes they are in. Could I hook these up to a basic head unit and exspect to get any good sound from them? I have a 30x50 shop that I want to put them in, with a Dennon suround sound head unit that I have sitting around. Any thoughts??


What do you have to loose? That's right, a little time. No out of pocket. DON'T spend a bunch of money on test cables. DIY or someone will chime in with low cost higher return ICs.. Just remember, shops can get pretty serious.. LOL The stuff I've done out there in the name of sound.. LOL



Wow those look like some descent speakers. Looks to be studio monitors. Prob not the best to fill a large area but worth a shot. Prob fairly efficient so the Denon might do ok. Looks like fairly pricey not Best Buy stuff. 

It's just a powered subwoofer, good for only 28Hz-80Hz. You'll need something else to fill out the rest of the range.

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Those are high output subs, should be good for your shop. You're going to need some high efficiency speakers for the rest of the frequency range. Altec, JBL, Klipsch and Tannoy come to mind.