JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor: Opinions?

Any fellow 'goners who are familiar with them? I'm curious how they compare to Audioengine A2+, which I'm now auditioning as computer speakers.

There are probably better places to discuss computer speakers and the like. They come up often enough on HedFi believe it or not. You may want to check out comments on recent sales on MasssDrop which actually has video reviews of desktop speakers for you to watch at your leisure.
There is no comparison between the JBL LSR305 and the AE A2+. I own the A2+ and was floored when I heard the LSR305's. I got a pair of LSR308's. Amazing!
Thank you very, very much. This is exactly the kind of intel I'm looking for, especially since I still have some time to return the AE A2+'s.

Much obliged.