JBL L96 mint vs Platinum Audio Solos

I may have a chance to sell my mint L-96's and then buy some Platinum Audios....

I love teh JBL's and their uniqueness and historical value, especially in the condition I have mine in,,,,But I think that SQ-wise, the PAudios would blow them away...

any thoughts?
the jbl's are superior in every way...20 years from now they will still be sought after.
Can you expand on that? I was under the impression, as I heard the Platinums long ago, that the imaging and sounstaging was quite phenomenal,,,I am under the impression that the string points for the JBL's are power, accurate timbre, clarity...etc...
Anyway,,,I think I decided to keep them and even add some L-110's to the fray...lol...I waver back and fourth sometimes..
Hey, I came across this thread and just tought I would share my opinion.
I own a pair of JBL L150A, they are a 100 lb each, about 1 meter talland sound beatiful, just have to put the volume up to show all the beauty.
Tweeters sound great...put on a good jazz cd and you will see the drummer hitting the ride cymbal right in front of you.
Mid range is also excelent, Norah Jones, Enya or Diana Krall sound like they were singing just for you.
And the Bass, whether it's techno or classical music, it will slam precise and clear.

Well, thought I would share this with you as I think that your L96 and my L150A were manufactured around the same time.
thanks for the post,,,,i feel sometimes that these JBL's dont get enough credit...I am enjoying mine more every day...
I have a pair of L100 Century's (fronts) and a pair of L96's (rears) driven by a Marantz 4270 (quadradial) receiver. The sound is awesome even at low levels due to the number of speakers loading the room.