JBL L300 - true myth?

I'd like to ask if some can write his opinion on this speakers,I had a chance to listen and recommened .
I understand they working great with powerfull tube amp...especially with Mcintosh -is that true?
it's look the components are really good Alnico drivers special tweeters,horns...but woofers made of carton?is that a problem with today standards?
Is the old fashion crossover need upgrade ?

Sorry Kenricksound Japan.
Drop in replacement = JBL 2216nd. It blows away the original 2231 or 2235 hands down! 
everybody should own a pair of vintage JBL at some point in life..
Never heard of the 2216 which cabinets did they come from ?
2216nd used in the JBL M-2 studio monitors.