JBL L300 - true myth?

I'd like to ask if some can write his opinion on this speakers,I had a chance to listen and recommened .
I understand they working great with powerfull tube amp...especially with Mcintosh -is that true?
it's look the components are really good Alnico drivers special tweeters,horns...but woofers made of carton?is that a problem with today standards?
Is the old fashion crossover need upgrade ?

You apparently missed the ;-)
What would your opinion be on L300's?
I'm in the take it or leave it category with them. I don't dislike them but they are not my preference. I spent a fair amount of time on the professional sound side many years ago so got my fill of those and similar speakers early on.

However, as I noted above, there are certainly a lot of people who love 'em. Hence my suggestion that he spend some time listening to the unquestionably distinctive "JBL sound" before he makes a firm commitment with his pocketbook. Seemed like a reasonable proposition to me. ;-) (there, I did it again...)
great dynamic sounding speaker killer on rock and jazz cabinets were top notch beautiful finish...plus these were also one of the best and most unique looking speakers and especially on the matching stand.. with tube gear wow paid 1600.00 for my pair 1977..THERE ARE ALOT OF FUN..
Love'em but for what they are going for look for something else.
Punchy yes. Wide dynamics, NO.

I've owned a pair in the past and at the time they sounded great on some of the classic McIntosh receivers, Marantz, Yamaha, and even Pioneer and Harmon Karden. I still own a pair of L65 Jubals. Although not the same as the L300s I find them at least a cousin (some here may disagree). I do recall them fondly.

When I play through the L65 Jubals in direct comparison to the McIntosh XR7s and XR5s I have from the same era, the JBLs immediately show their weaknesses, PLUS, they cannot even handle the full music range in anywhere close to the Macs before they "peak out" at high volume. [And I must say that these Macs don't get a lot of Audiophile respect themselves.]

To me they only perform satisfactorily within a limited bandwidth. They sound best with rock and certain jazz music.

I recall the JBLs as good studio equipment but just above average for home reproduction.
What's the good price for them? A guy in Moscow sells a pair for $7600 - ridiculous rip off or...?