JBL L300 Summit vs. Olympus w/S8R system

Has anyone heard the S8R system? How does it compare with other JBL speakers?
Olympus S8R 16ohm Old version Mid range is much better compare with L300. If you are looking for musical speaker I think Olympus S8R is the best. S8R need much powerful amp to drive I think JADIS JA200 is matching for Olympus otherwise MCINTOSH MC275. Pls. us have your idea.
Olympus would work with low power amps as well. L300 won't.
I don't understand the previous posts.A JBL Summit 300 is a very high effecient horn loaded speaker it should not require very much amp power at all unless you want night club disco levels at 200 watts per channel.50 watts per side should be more then enough.I suppose it depends on the type of music you listen too,and your listening hubits.
I use to own a pro 4 way JBL 4343 which was a step up from the 300 Summit and I had to sell it because it was just putting out to much SPL Levels in a home situation.At the time I was using a Marantz 4400 Receiver in Stereo mode at 100 watts per channel which was to much for a home listening room IMO.
"I had to sell it because it was just putting out to much SPL Levels in a home situation" - I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but couldn't you just turn the volume knob down?
As you mentioned Olympus S8R would work with low power amps. Do you have any suggestion. I am useing Jadis JA500 to drive with S8R. I found the mid range density is pretty good and musical. Somebody told me MC240 is the best matching with S8R?? Do you have any idea, pls. let me know
It sounds great with a pair of modified Leak TL-10.1's and amazing with Radford STA-25.
I am not familar with Leak TL10.1's and Radford STA-25. Those are single end?? What about MC-240 compare with single end?? Can anyone give me any suggestion.
I have an L300 system in Apollo cabs that I drive w/ a restored Dynaco ST70 - They work just fine with the Dynaco.
I have an Olympus S8R system in the living room that is driven w/ Two JBL Urei 6260 amps and a 6230 amp w/ an electronic crossover set at 760 and 6500 hz - The olympus system is quite loud - Nearly earsplitting
True, the L-300's are an efficient speaker.
A slight correction DoubleBass, that 4400 Marantz you have/had puts out 125wpc in Stereo if memory serves me correctly (I owned a new one back in the day). Mark
I Owe a pair S8R driven by two Jadis JA 80. I am searching for a High Mass turntable to be settled as the king of this system. Now I am driving them with a Rega Jupiter and Klimo Merlin (Telefunken in all the preamp stages and as drivers on Jadis GE 6550A). I wish I would know if someone experienced these speakers to be hevvily spiked decoupled t from the floor, AND which could be the right height to raise them. Thanks, Saverio.
All large JBL's would benefit from raising them few inches off the floor.I found 2X2 hardwood bars works better than spikes. If it's on carpet then you may want to place a slab underneeth wood bar and speakers. I use granite but other stone slab will work as well. this method will clear up muddy bass and get rid off tubey sound. If JBL came with a bottom base, you want to remove them before applying wood bar. It doesn't need to be too tall, it is room dependend. More bass reflection higher the speaker need to be set up.

L300 use LE85 vs Olympus 375, the main difference is in the midrange. 375 has silky velvet texture vs LE85's clean sound when driving them both with triod amp. And price do reflect the prefference. But L300 is easier to get a satisfying result. Or should I say L300 is more balance(better crossover network design?) than Olympus. In my system I use 3 way electronic crossover instead of the original. Finding the balance between current hungry woofer and efficient compression driver is the key to good sound.