JBL L250Ti vs. L300 Summit

I want to upgrade my speaker system with JBL's and have never had the opportunity to listen to either of these big boys. However I hear that both are terrific speakers, but would like your opinion. Thanks in advance.
I've not heard the 250ti's but have a pair of the smaller 120ti's. I have heard the L300. I currently own a pair of the 4343 monitor speakers which is a 4 way pro version of the L300. When I bought the 4343's I was also considering the 250ti's. Even though the 250ti's are considered the superior speaker, I went for the 4343's, primarily for the nostalgia factory but also because I've heard that the 43xx (incl the L300) have a little more bass slam and horn presence than the 250ti's. Both are excellent speakers in their own right and if you say one is better sounding than the other will draw an argument from someone. However the 250ti's are generally considered updated and more refined than any speaker that came before them. Better bass control, better crossover, better tweeter. A common comment I hear about all of the ti series is that they're easy to listen to for long periods of time. I can attest to that with my 120ti's. I'm extremely happy with my 120ti's so much so that I'm always keeping an eye out to upgrade them to the 240ti or the 250ti. The best of both worlds is to have both a pair of the 43xx series and the 250ti's. It would be the best of the 70's vs the best of the 80's circa speakers.

for more info go to this forum and do a search on the speakers. You'll find more than an evenings worth of reading:

Never heard the L250s, but have had the L300, L65 Jubile and L100 Century, some questions:

1.- Is your listening area a large one?, if answer is no, maybe a pair of L65 or L100 will do.

2.- L300 sound great with proper amplification, otherwise they tend to shuffle in the bass region, I used with great success CROWN and McIntosh amplification.

Hope this helps

im running a pair of the l250ti's with mcintosh gear & they sound great & yes they are real easy to listen to but they like power.

i also own a pair of mcintosh xrt22's & a pair of klipschorns & while the l250's dont come close to the xrt's i prefer them over my khorns.

the 250's arent so much of a in your face kinda speaker as some might think by looking at the large size of them, bass is strong but not boomy & mids & tweets are very clear.

keep in mind that you will need lots of power for the l250ti's to excell.

I have heard both. The 250Ti's are a refined sound. They have gut shot bass that is there if on the recording and very natural. The mids are clean and clear. They excel at vocals and soundstage. The tweeter is smooth and clean. I use a BAT 300XSE to drive them. They were too laid back for me until I put silver interconnects in the chain. Ahhh yes.
They are 1998 JBL 250Ti Classics from Germany with a list price of $7500. Most audiophiles would be amazed at their sound. I had a Paragon at one time and the 250Ti's are far superior. The L300 is a different sounding speaker as it has the horn. I like it and wouldn't mind having a pair. I also have the Dali MS4's and they are a treat. Currently I am trying to decide if I am going to keep the Dali's or the JBL's.
Ive owned them both as well as 4350 ect.the l250 will be smoother and is more audiophile like. The woofers can handel Very high current to keep up with the rest of the drivers id go with at least 300 a side with big time reserves. Ive ran 750 watt Crown delta omegas on the the l300. ( Not Summit) and the amp could be driven to rated.
You might want to look at the 4430 and 4435. Thes I clipped the *&^% out of the mono blocks:) the Biradial 4435 are very stable in terms of imaging properly ste up you will snap your neck following the imaging. With the L250 the B460 subwoofer is a natural partner. A nice Sleeper is is the L150 will compare with these systems for a lot less.
Thanks for the response. I currently have both the Jubals and the L200Bs. I have a Rowland Concentra that really smooths both speakers out, gives a very detailed, refined sound with great sound stage and imaging. I want to get to the next level, then call it quits as far as upgrading and sit back and enjoy. Thanks again
Yep they are a lot of fun Great speakers. I had the L200 and Jubals also. Good Luck with your venture. Check Lansing heritage.com use search
Just got done listening to my 250TI's. Four CD's and three diffent interconnects. WOW!
The silver interconnects are probably going to stay in the chain. They are just a touch "hot" but so coherent and detailed in sound. They are cleaner and cleared and actually have better, deeper and fuller bass. The guy that sold these to me never broke them in. They have improved substantially in sound in the last 100 hours. He said he used them for about 150 hours but never really played them loud. I don't think he ever really even heard them as they are only sounding great in the last 20 or so hours of playing time. Again--- WOW!! They are excellent.