Ok old timers (Like Me). Does anyone remember this pair from the late 70s? These speakers feature a 15" passive radiator, a 14" active woofer, a 5" midrange, and the a "Cat's eye" high freq driver. I really liked the sound of the JBL L65 Jubals and the L300, L200s ect. I have a chance to take a long drive to pick up a pair that is priced right and near mint in appearance. The question I'm asking before I make the trip is this, Is the sound of the L220A's along the same line as the Jubals or other JBL models of that time that I listed. If someone is familiar with the JBLs maybe they can clue me in as to whether I'm wasting my time on this model. Thanks!!!
I own a pair of these and they kick A#@. I don't know what the others sound like,but if they are a good price.....buy 'em
I've seen them but never heard them, I have heard L200's, L100's, I own a restored pair of L166 Horizons. I think you might do better with L200 or L300 as the L220 has the 5" mid driver loaded with a diffraction plate "horn" which I really wonder how that would sound.. whereas the L200's horn handles from 800 hz on up. ?? JBL claims better sound with a proper passive radiator than with a port like the others have, however
I owned this pr for 8 yrs.They wil will play very loud
And actually sound good at low volume.they're classic JBL sound bigger sounding than either spkr.
I just restored a pair of L166 horizons too, but the grill cloth is non existent----how would you suggest a (non-original is fine, these are for sound not looks)even the frame the the grill is gone. Any ideas?

I really don't fully understand what you are asking.
I own a pair of JBL L150A and I really love them, I changed the grill a year ago with non-original one and theres no difference.

Please clarify your question to see if I can help.

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