JBL L166 Horizons - How much?

I am the original owner (1976) of a pair of JBL L166 speakers. They have not been used for about 5 years and thought I would see if there is any interest in them from someone who like the 70's equipment.

They are in very good shape. Never abused.

My question is, what is a fair price to ask for a pair of these? How do people go about shipping since they are 55 lbs each and I don't have the original boxes?

Thanks for everyone's input.

Ya figure it out silly...55lbs isn't much! Any shipping place can help pack them. Try selling local if you can. Old JBL? If they were K2 series or something maybe they would be worth selling...not sure about L166's though.
I checked them out...I used to sell them back in the late 70's at Silo while I was in High School:) One of their best bookshelf models EVER!! Should be worth about $500 to someone. Why sell...they are great speakers, even by today's standards. Probably need to spend $2k or better to equal them now.
If in very good condition, up to $5-600. Average, $4-500. Poor, $300.
Packing is an art with speakers. There is lots of shipping damage. Sell them locally if you don't feel like you're an expert at it, or have a shipping store do it at buyer's expense.
I have a pair I bought on ebay about 10 yrs ago... for I think $400 or 450 plus shipping... around 550 total.. If they are in good shape (nothing broken, badges on grills, no dents in domes, properly re-foamed woofers) I would say they should fetch $550-650 plus shipping. Have a UPS shipping store profess. box & ship that way damage is out of your hands. That will cost the buyer more in shipping but worth it I think. I re-wired mine with new connectors, I had my woofers re-coned, they ROCK.. I would keep 'em.
Rewiring and changing connectors alters the tonal balance. I got talked into changing connectors on my L-300s and the bass was missing in action. I quickly changed back to the funky original connectors.
Thanks for the responses, everyone. They were much appreciated. I'll see if I can move them locally first and see what happens.
Rrog: I find that.. odd.. changing the connector should NOT affect bass response negatively unless you miswired something... I have never run across that problem.