JBL L150A vs B & W 803 Matrix Series 2

Hey guys, hoping someone has heard both of these and can help me out. I currently have the l150a's and have an opportunity to get some 803 Matrix Series 2 speakers for a reasonable price. Is this a nice upgrade or a parallel move? Just having a tough time coming to a conclusion on this. The speakers are powered by a Mcintosh 6700 amp. Listen to mostly rock vinyl off of a Linn Lp12. Any help or advice is appreciated!
I don't know the JBL line.

I'd hazard the obvious guess. You will miss some of the deep bass, but possibly enjoy a cleaner mid range and upper frequency.

Depending on the price of the 803S2 however, you might find 802 matrix or pre-matrix 801 that will blow away the JBL in all respects for same.

Live with 802 S3, 804, 805 matrix line daily....